5 Ways to Keeping a Tidy Garden


Tidiness may start as an idea but can easily evolve into a lifestyle. “A clean house is a happy house,”  as they say. This is also true for your garden. We’ve all seen that house with the overgrown shrubs lining the entrance to what appears to be a jungle of weeds. It makes us cry to see an unkempt yard full of dead plants and yellow grass.

But rejoice! This is not your garden (we hope). Even if it is, we can help you get it back into the beautiful extension of yourself with these 5 simple tips to keeping a tidy garden.

1. Remove Leaves and Branches 
During the fall season and winter, dried leaves, stems, and branches usually accumulate in the garden. Remove them along with any other debris to create a clean and safe lawn and garden. Removing dry leaves also reduces pests from attacking fresh leaves during spring. Pruning damaged branches and stems is a good practice to prevent plant diseases from spreading or damaging the whole plant.
2. Clearing Clutter
While it’s crucial to keep your garden clear of fallen leaves or twigs. You also need to ensure that garden tools like spades and rakes are stored in a garden shed or garage to help keep the garden clutter-free and avoid accidents. Dispose of leaves, stems, and branches, or if you want to recycle them and use them on your plants & shrubs, place them in a compost pile or bin.
3. Prevent Soil Erosion
Soil erosion can quickly ruin a great lawn & garden, including its layout and plants, too. The soil gets eroded because of heavy rainfall and winds. You can prevent soil erosion by growing plants that help protect the soil from wind or water movement (e.g., yellow foxtail, blue fescue.) Building raised plant beds or landscaping with rocks will also help stabilize the soil.
4. Garden Decor
The hardscape elements of your garden include statues, fountains, pathways, and other human-made structures and should be cleaned at least annually.
5. Garden Hose 
A garden hose can be a huge mess. It’s a smart idea to invest in a garden hose reel to keep the hose neatly gathered, making your yard feel instantly more organized while helping prevent accidents.
Maintaining a beautiful and clean garden shouldn’t be stressful. Try dedicating 10 to 15 minutes a day or every other day to clear the garden of trash and clutter. It can be a way to relax personally or even used as a family activity.

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