A Time to Reflect – Twenty Nineteen


2019 was a unique year, a year of change and transition. Some of us experienced extraordinary events, while others experienced tragedy. Or a little of both. This was a year of stripping us down to our core of who we are and what we are truly capable of. It was a manic year of sorrow, healing, illness, success, joy, pain, dreams starting to come true, all the while testing our resolve. Showing us our inner resources, and reaching out to others for help, some grew an understanding that we can’t do it all alone and that we don’t have to.

Why was this year so challenging? Some say everything happens for a reason. I agree with that, to some degree. Yet I also believe that the stuff of life, pain, sorrow, hardship, are simply part of the human experience. 2020 is not just a new decade. It is a time for the light to shine and for the old ways to make way for the new. The old ways of doing things are not sustainable in the new decade. 2019’s greed, isolation, polarization, lack of integrity, self-serving, and dysfunction will gradually be set aside to make way for the new: community, sense of belonging, integrity, and ethics, generosity, accountability, responsibility, and caring. Sure, these things exist now but
what is not rooted in these traits will begin to lose their footing.

All that we experienced in 2019 has prepared us for this new-new. Whatever you have experienced this past year has given you the opportunity and ability to expand your compassion for yourself and for others. You now understand the value of community as you offered and received support, deepened your gratitude for the joy you have felt, and dreams coming into fruition. You have been shown that you are not an island, and we are all in this together. It has also shown you what you are made of, where you need to heal old patterns and wounds and release beliefs that no longer serve you. You tapped into reservoirs of strength you never knew you had, which brings a new sense of confidence. Maybe, just maybe, you are listening to your intuition.

Take the totality of the year into 2020 and apply it to your life… your expanded compassion, gratitude, strength, the value of community, and desire for healing. These attributes will fortify your resolve for what the year may hold and bring more peace, love, and balance. Focus on the community this year. Community is how we survive and thrive and reminds us that we are not alone. Practice not just being in the moment but living from the moment… deciding in each moment what you want, what you need, what action to take, how to respond.

2019 has taught us a great deal either by necessity or by choice. In 2020, we will reap the bounty and the gifts from all we experienced and the confidence to handle what comes. So, take a deep breath, stay in love, and hold on to your community. You’ve got this!

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