Electric Fly Swatters


The future of killing insects is bright with use of electric fly swatters, just hit with the rackets as the insect get electrocuted.

How is this possible then?

One would wonder why waste energy looking for insect and then hit? Why can’t one use a traditional one? Okay, as aforementioned, the equipment uses electricity, when one runs a pest; it has no chance of surviving as it is electrocuted in coming into contact. Using this machine is fun, one can set a tournament with friends; the winner kills more!

Pros and cons of electric fly swatters

If one is wondering why it should bother him or her to have the machine; firstly, it is a better way to do exercise.  The scientific approach shows that the practice calms the nerves, relaxes and relieves tension.  Additionally, it is a game; one does not get bored all the way!

However, the smelly nature of the fried mosquitos is not pleasant at all and the sound produced when mosquitos are on the grid is annoying!

Caution! The machine is electrified, handle with great care! Safety comes first!

The Best 5 Best Electric Fly Swatters

Black Flag Handheld Bug Zapper Racket

The machine boosts on its size that makes it suitable for women to use. Also, it is a powerful machine having the ability to produce 2750v. The alkaline batteries used are purchased separately. The pros side is that it provides no sound when hitting an insect.  Furthermore, it has been made in a manner that guards the fingers of the user.

Zap-It! Electric Mosquito Racket

They have enjoyed a monopoly in the market for long. It is expensive and more feature packed, but it is not as heavy as one would finally think. It is powerful too, producing 3, 000v. The machine operates on the rechargeable batteries unlike the latter.  It is more improved in a manner that the light fitted on it can attract insect, thus trapping them.  The reviews from the customer are pretty encouraging!

 Zap-It! Mini Electric Mosquito Racket

It is light with a weight of 0.2 pounds making it possible for children to use.  It has similar features as those of other swatters.

Koramzi Electric Fly Swatter

The light produced can serve as a torch; thus the rate of killing insect during night-time is improved.  The technical specification is weak, but it has the lower price than the latter.  Its batteries produce lower volts, 2,600v as compared to the previous swatters.  Also, it is heavy making its usage hard for poorly exercised muscles.

PreciShock Electric Fly Swatter

The client’s reviews have placed it to be the best among the swatters.  It has 3,000 volts and can be used against large bugs.  The product lacks 3-layer mesh, unlike the previous swatters.  It operates on alkaline batteries, and it is much heavy with the weight of 0.7 pounds Electric Fly Swatters

Do not waste time with insects in your house; get rid of them by electric fly swatters.

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