Fall Trends … All the Instagram trends you can expect to see in Fashion, Beauty, and Wellness this Fall.


‘Hot Girl Summer’ days; filled with rose, white claw, and good vibes, are sadly coming to an end. But don’t fret, we are finally entering the season of PSLs, chunky sweaters and significant accessories. Today on the blog, we are spilling the tea on all of the fall fashion, beauty, and Instagram trends to keep you and your page looking ever-so-chic.
Style Week OC, hosted by Fashion Island and Simply, invited OC babes and some of Instagram’s hottest influencers to chat about everything from philanthropy to the growing trend of green and sustainable beauty.


Kat Graham, actress, philanthropist, and ultimate girl boss, kicked off the event by talking about her morning routine and projects she currently puts her heart into. With Instagram at the epicenter of most of our daily lives, Kat talks about adopting the practice of not looking at her phone first thing in the morning. Before doing anything, she writes down her goal for the day, along with three things that she is grateful for, this helps her to create and establish a sense of self-awareness. When scrolling through “the gram,” Kat said, “the second something makes you feel that you’re not good enough, Shut. It. Down. Get your power back, and see who you want to be and what you want to do and focus your social media on that.” One of the many things Kat is passionate about is her philanthropic work. She currently has a collaboration with Foster Grant, a glasses company that has been creating stylish and affordable glasses since the early 1900s! Kat has played a large part in donating glasses to people who would otherwise not have access to them. Since 2008, the brand has given over 11 million pairs of reading glasses to Restoring Vision, and in 2018, they began a donation program with Empower 54 to help eradicate malnutrition in Africa. Kat’s positivity and kindness seem to beam out of her, and we are so excited to see everything that is in store for her!


The Fashion Panel was moderated by Carly Steel (Emmy Winning Host, actress, and producer), who chatted with Cassydy Berliner (content creator and Digital Marketing Strategist), Gorjana Reidel (founder and designer of Gorjana Jewelry), Lindsay Albanese (creator of TOPTOTE) and Lo VonRumpf (Fashion Stylist and Beauty and Fashion Editor). Some of the trends that the panelists are excited to see for fall are some great statement coats, leather, dramatic sleeves, and layered jewelry. Another huge trend, as I’m sure all of you have seen, are hats! Lindsay Albanese created the most amazing and super chic hat holder called TOPTOTE. TOPTOTE clips on to your bag or backpack (whatever you may have), and has a magnet that holds on your hat, so that you aren’t stuck carrying or shoving it somewhere. TOPTOTE is a brilliant idea, and I’m so excited to try it out (it was in the Style Week OC goody bag). As trends come and go with the changing leaves, the panelists all agreed that the most important thing about fashion is to own your style. When someone is wearing something fiercely and confidently that is not necessarily “on-trend,” it still tends to pop and stand out in the best way. As cliché as it may sound, confidence is a magnetic power that will always be in style!


Now, let’s talk about beauty! The Beauty Panel was moderated by Diana Madison (CEO and founder of Obsev and Actress). Diana was accompanied on stage by Christine Kong (beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencer), Courtney Kerr (fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer), Joyce Bonelli (Celebrity make-up artist, and owner/Co-designer of UNRAVELPROJECT), and Olia Majd (Esthetician and Beauty Blogger). As the panelists started to get settled in, they started talking about their favorite beauty trends and things they have been obsessed with lately. For Joyce Bonelli, YSL’s purple mascara is a favorite and beauty bag must. The color is dark enough that it doesn’t look too crazy, and the purple hue picks up and enhances the colors in the eye. She loves it so much that she picked one up for Diana Madison just before the event. That is something we will definitely have to try out soon! Another favorite among all of the panelists was Laura Mercier’s translucent powder. The powder is a staple for almost every girl that loves make-up, so it was no surprise that everyone on the stage was raving about the beauty must-have. One of the trends that everyone was and is onboard with is green beauty/ clean skincare.
CBD serums and oils are starting to pop up in mainstream retailers like Sephora, Bloomingdales, and Saks Fifth Avenue. CBD serums are plant-derived and clean, clean, clean, but it also has fantastic benefits to fight inflammation (acne, eczema, rosacea, etc…) and calm the skin. Christine Kong talked about her obsession with skincare brands Tata Harper and Venn, as well as hyaluronic acids, vitamin C serum, and facial oils. Another beauty babe obsessed with Vitamin C serum is Courtney Kerr. She swears by Skinceuticals CE Ferulic serum and has been using it for about ten years! In addition to Vitamin C and good hyaluronic acid, an essential crucial end-of-summer ingredient and favorite of Olila Majd is Glycolic Acid. Glycolic acid chemically exfoliates the skin and gets rid of all the dead skin cells and builds up from sebum, sunblock, and other stressors that clogs the skin’s surface. Olia recently launched a new skincare line, O Cosmètiques, that consists of 9 products. Among the products are a Glycolic Cleansing Milk and Glycolic Cleansing Gel, both of which exfoliate the skin to give you that healthy glow.
Although many topical products are usually the go-to for any beauty and make-up aficionado, these lovely ladies discussed their favorite internal beauty must-haves; the little things that often get left out of beauty chatter…VITAMINS! Among them, Imbibe Probiotic Concentrate and Collagen Powder. The collagen powder is a favorite on Christine Kong because it is the first one, she found that doesn’t alter the taste of her drink. She loves to start her mornings with the powder as well as the probiotic concentrate. Imbibe is an Australian Brand that believes beauty must come from within first, something we can get behind. Olly Vitamins were another vitamin favorite. The Vitamin Company recently collaborated with Mario Dedivanovic (Make-up artist and friend to Kim Kardashian). The range of vitamins Mario created with Olly has a Goodbye Stress Vitamin, a Beauty Vitamin, and a sleep vitamin, all of which play a significant role in keeping skin looking young and radiant.

On the Digital Marketing Panel, we had Becca Tobin (Actress and one of the hosts of the podcast “The Lady Gang”), Brandy Pham (Founder and CCO of Planoly and stories edit), Quigley AKA Casey Goode (LA-based Content Creator), and Rocky Barnes (Blogger and Influencer). Laurel Mintz (Marketing Expert, CEO of @elevatemybrandla, lawyer and columnist) moderated these lady boss women as they talked about social media today, how they create content, and some of the challenges they face in the world of social media. Being a Social Media Influencer seems glamourous. We look admiringly at the women on the tiny screens on our phones and think it must be so great to travel and post photos; however, according to women on the panel; it takes a lot more work than just that. Some of them plan out, and schedule posts set a tone and mood for the post and think about what message they want to get across. The create the content on their page; it’s hardly random. Rocky Barnes was a model before she was a blogger and always made sure to take her own photos while on location for her shoots, that is how she started her massive popularity in the Instagram world. Now, she and her hubby tag team her posts; she will pose, and he will photograph her *swoon*. All of the women on the panel were as inspiring as they were stunning. They all talked about the importance of connection and collaboration in the social media world. While the pressures of being invited to the top events and being asked to collaborate with amazing designers sometimes get to them, they all said it was important to remember not to compare to other people’s projects. These businesswomen were so amazing to listen to; it was awesome to get a behind the scenes look of their glam gram.

Style Week OC closed the event with Carissa Culiner (host of E! Daily Pop) and Ashlee Simpson Ross (Singer, Actress, and Style Icon). Carissa and Ashlee talked about mom life, fashion, beauty, and of course, upcoming music. Ashlee’s favorite make-up look is the classic winged liner look. We all know we have that one eye that doesn’t want to cooperate, and it was nice to know that Ashlee has that problem as well (stars, they-re just like us!) Ashlee’s fix? Her husband [Evan Ross]! “He’s a great artist, so sometimes I ask him to do my bad eye.” How cute is that?! *couple goals*. To wind down and get ready for clean skin, Ashlee uses Neutrogena facial wipes, Epicuren face wash, and sometimes La Mer. Occasionally, she also uses Ponds, which was recommended by her iconic Mother-in-law, Diana Ross. While chatting about beauty and fashion on the Summer Saturday in OC, Ashlee looked fierce (as always) in a yellow and black leather jacket, jeans, and sky-high stilettoes. A sharp jacket or kimono is Ashlee’s favorite pieces to integrate into her wardrobe; even at 85 degrees, she made that jacket look good! Ashlee closed the event with some exciting new that almost made me just put off my chair in excitement…she’s in the studio working on new music! She doesn’t know if it is going to be a full album or EP, but there is new music on the horizon, which I’m sure is going to give us more “pieces of [her].”

Written by GGMags Lifestyle Editor Bri Vivanco

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