We’ve Rebranded!


Garden and Greenhouse Magazine has been a longstanding staple in the home gardening industry for over a decade. G&G has been providing the garden enthusiast with the latest content on gardening tips, latest technologies, and product releases.

Industry trends over the last few years show that gardening has become less industrial and more lifestyle-driven. This is due to the advances in technology and the need for consumers to maximize space and yield in smaller homes, apartments, and on rooftops. Above-ground technology has outgrown traditional greenhouse technologies, providing greater access to more households.

The rebranding of Garden and Greenhouse not only capitalizes on gardening becoming a more mainstream lifestyle but features the gardeners’ lifestyles, i.e., way of living. The new GGMag, will continue to serve our loyal base while expanding into a more lifestyle and interactive community approach for a better gardening experience.

We will encompass print, digital, website, blog, newsletter, video, podcasts, and social media platforms.

We will continue to create consistent content across all platforms, focusing on topics such as garden products, new recipes, techniques, and trends to address the growing interest in the national market.

We are looking forward to developing a deeper connection with readers and creating an active community for celebrating all things garden and green living.

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